Jan 19 2014

Weekend update #2 with some good reads

In rare moments like this I get to really enjoy the 4-10 shedule I’m on. I had off on Friday because that’s my normal day off and then Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day. So this guy will be enjoying a nice leisurly 4 day weekend. It’ll work out in my favor because it’ll give me an extra day to recover from my touch football league which starts up this week.
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Jan 17 2014

How to deal with the high cost of textbooks

Textbooks, no matter who you are, chances are you will have to purchase some at some point in your life. Maybe it’s for classes for an undergraduate, masters, or doctorate degree. Maybe you are preparing for a certification exam. You could just be auditing a course to learn a new skill. Perhaps there is no formal classroom at all and you just want the textbook for self teaching.
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Jan 14 2014

Consume it and toss it, or you could maintain it

This post was inspired by some car maintenance. I was working on changing out the transmission filter and fluid in my car. It was long overdue and if I had any inkling of keeping my little Bender* around, I’m going to need to do all the regular maintenance that comes with it. I then noticed a little sentence stamped onto the ATF dipstick. ATF does not need to be changed under normal driving conditions.
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Jan 11 2014

Weekend update with some good reads

Normal temperatures have finally returned. I may not have had to deal with everything in sight icing over but that polar vortex didn’t leave us unscathed either. Or normal 40s dropped down to single digits and even though I grew up in Wisconsin, it was cold. Work wasn’t much better as I had to keep my coat on in order to work in a lab that was 55 degrees. That doesn’t help you out much to warm up from the cold.
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Jan 10 2014

Making the switch to Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless was a company that drew my interest when I first heard about them on the Clark Howard Show.  A no contract phone that was only $19 a month, how could I lose?  I went on to sign up for the beta and was assigned to beta wave K.  The original hope was that my beta wave would come up when my contract with Sprint was over.
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